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provides comprehensive services for the management and operation

These companies take responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the vessels, ensuring their smooth running and compliance with international regulations.

  • Vessel Operations
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Safety and Compliance

Services we Are Providing

Crew Management

Crew management is a service that involves the administration and coordination of personnel, particularly…

Technical Management

Technical managers ensure that the vessel meets all safety and regulatory requirements set by international maritime…

Flag State Documents

Flag state documents are official documents issued by the country or jurisdiction under whose flag a ship…

STCW’95, which stands for the International Convention on Standards of Training…

2010 Compliance

The STCW 2010 is an updated version of the convention that revised and replaced the…

Ship Broker

Ship brokers provide services related to the buying, selling, and chartering of ships…

Our Clients

Operational aspects of their vessels to experienced professionals

Ship management companies can vary in size and scope, ranging from small specialized firms to large multinational companies.