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A ship management company is an organization that provides comprehensive services for the management and operation of ships on behalf of ship owners. These companies take responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the vessels, ensuring their smooth running and compliance with international regulations.

The heart of Indian seafaring trade and Industry. It is a leading provider in quality assured services to the marine world. We are equipped to manage whole spectrum of vessel. We provide a complete range of integrated marine services and our professional staffs are completely dedicated to manage ships safely. We have a team of experienced, dedicated and committed professional.

We have extended our services in the recent past and now are engaged in various other aspects including training and document issuing, still complying with our general motto of quality management. We committed to provide management services to the shipping industry.

About USM

Who We Are

Our History

Umbrella Ship Management (USM) involves leveraging technology, data-driven approaches, and efficient processes to enhance crew management operations in the maritime industries.

Our Mission

The company aims to work closely with its client to provide cost effective and technically advanced solutions with state of the art equipment and skilled personnel, which are tailored to meet project requirement.

Our Vision

Shipbuilding’s Refit and Conversion department responds to global market demands by offering flexibility and unbeatable.

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